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Being pulled over and getting arrested for DUI charges is something that you cannot avoid. But if you have an experienced Los Angeles DUI lawyer, you can challenge the grounds of your arrest and potentially reduce your penalty. One that comes highly recommended is the Los Angeles lawyers DUI Pros. And they are very reliable and highly trained to handle different types of DUI cases.

There are several ways you can challenge a DUI arrest and get a favorable ruling for your case. Your lawyer may challenge the effectiveness of the field sobriety test conducted to check if a driver is intoxicated or under the influence of drugs during the time of the arrest. This may involve reciting the alphabet backwards, touching one’s nose and standing with one leg, among many others.

The results of these tests do not automatically imply that the person arrested is intoxicated. A person who is overweight or has physical ailments may fail in the said test without being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Improper footing and poor weather conditions could also lead to the person not passing the tests. Having restrictive clothing or unstable footwear and having poor coordination skills can also lead to one failing the sobriety test. Establishing these grounds and presenting a good case can help convince the judge to rule in your favor. Another strategy that can be employed is by challenging the blood alcohol concentration measured by the breathalyzer. Your lawyer may question the proper maintenance of the breathalyzer device. If it can be established that the device is not properly and regularly maintained and calibrated then the reading cannot be used as evidence against the offender. Next is user error. If the officer is inexperienced in administering the test or does it haphazardly then you can say that the blood alcohol readings are inaccurate. Another is health conditions. There are some medical cases with the same manifestation as high blood alcohol concentration levels. And since the device is not sophisticated enough, it can mistakenly read is as alcohol ingestion. The breathalyzer may also yield false results when the driver has just taken oral hygiene products and mouthwash. Your lawyer can provide you the expert witness who can back these arguments and help you win your case.

Honesty and full disclosure should be observed when you are discussing your case with your lawyer. It will be to your benefit if you do not withhold information which can be vital to your case.


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