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Planning your death can be very morbid and most people don’t really want to talk about it. For estate lawyers like us, planning your death does not involve the methods on how you’re going to die, but rather, what happens to your family after you pass away. I am talking about estate planning. The vast majority of people think that estate planning is only reserved for the wealthy, but it’s not entirely about leaving a huge amount of money. Basically, estate planning is about helping your family. You may not have a lot, like a company to pass to your children or a huge sum of money for your wife, but knowing who gets the car and who gets the house can help a lot.

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Estate planning involves a lot of work because everything needs to be planned right. Lawyers like me will need to help you set-up trust funds and other options to increase your passive income so you will have something to leave to your family. Estate planning also involves the management of insurance policies so it doesn’t go unused or fall into the wrong hands. estate planning is more than just wills, but it’s about helping you provide peace of mind for your family even after you’re gone.

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